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Trellus uses real-time analytics to provide sales reps with a personalized AI sales coach on each and every call.

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Ethan Rausenberger

Enterprise BDR @Contentful

"Since Trellus, I go into calls knowing I won't get stuck without a question to ask, without something to check my pace, and without knowing what my prospect *means* on the other end. I can feel comfortable Trellus will reliably capture insights for me and my team so we can improve our skills and comfortably tackle our prospect's next touch."

Shawn Kipnis

ADE @OpenText

"I absolutely cannot live without Trellus. The pace feature is great and tells you when to slow down. Other great benefits are it does research about your prospect now, it transcribes the whole conversation, and it helps with objections as well. Recently I booked a meeting but wrote down the prospects email address. I left my notebook at the office but with Trellus I knew I had the transcription of the call and that email! Disaster to go back to the office averted."

Keith Loh

Founding SDR @Novata

"I’ve been loving the new AI research feature of the tool that pulls up a summary of the prospect - specifically around what my ICP would invest in."

Emily Maguire

RDR @Funnel

"Being passionate about our product can lead me to talk very quickly sometimes, so getting real-time alerts from Trellus to slow down helps me focus on key points and not overwhelm prospects. I've noticed over time that I am naturally speaking slower on cold calls! Looking back at transcripts helps me also reflect on what I could have done differently in hindsight, and when I should change tactics."

Tamina Sabnani

SDR @CleverTap

"I've never had proper cold call training so Trellus has helped me tremendously with being able to go back and review calls, by telling me when I'm speaking too quickly (something I do a lot), and with the real time voice transcripts that have saved me on numerous occasions where I didn't hear what the prospect said and got to read it instead of asking them to repeat themselves."

Alex Bensley

SDR @Cognism

"Trellus allows me to read what the prospect is saying while they are saying it, which helps because sometimes it's hard for me to retain everything by listening alone. It even suggests questions to ask during the conversation! Also, I love the call reports Trellus sends back, providing me with the most common objections received, average cadence with prospect, and more. Seriously, Trellus is awesome"

Zacharias Lind

Public Sector SDR @Snowflake

"Trellus adds value not just to me, but to my prospects as well. Instead of entering a call with poorly maintained Salesforce notes of our our previous conversations, Trellus gives me a summary of exactly what we talked about and how we left off. This has helped me deliver more personalized conversations that resonate with prospects."

Jasmine Agius

ENT Solutions Consultant @Rubrik

"I love how it sets up a draft email for me I can just copy and paste! It is pretty accurate in scripting everything that's said so I don't really have to take notes, which saves a bunch of time."

Zach Day

Senior SDR @Relevize

“I think for me the biggest value I've seen is the objection handling tips and the speaking pace indicator. I have the tendency to speak quickly when I'm on a call and having that indicator tell me to slow down and really articulate the message I'm trying to get across has been helpful. The objection handling tips are a great reminder of the types of coaching we all get from managers, but to have those tips pop up live on my screen as I'm having a conversation helps me sound relaxed and confident in overturning those objections.”

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Trellus works on top of your current dialer and automatically shows real-time AI coaching when it detects a call.


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Trellus' powerful analytics engine allows reps to set custom coaching configurations

Trellus is your 24x7 real time sales assistant

Have your own dedicated sales coach 24x7

Trellus integrates automatically with your dialer software and provides coaching at the moments where it matters.

Learn to sell like an expert

Trellus delivers an actionable set of behavioral cues (i.e., "'pause', 'stop', 'slow down', 'ask why') that helps you learn the skills of a top sales rep.

Get more bookings with personalized outreach

Trellus provides personalized local data on your prospect such as weather data or company news that you can leverage during your calls.

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