Real-time AI sales coaching: the future of support for SDRs

The role of coaching in Sales

As a sales development representative (SDR), you play a crucial role in the sales process. You serve as the first point of contact for potential customers and work to generate leads and set appointments for the sales team. With so much responsibility on your shoulders, it's important to have access to ongoing support and guidance to help you succeed in your role.

My SDR manager is stretched too thin and when we do have feedback sessions, it's oftentimes hard for me to remember to apply those techniques in my next call. I'm looking to improve but not sure where to begin

We've heard from a number of SDRs about how hard it is to get continuous coaching - mostly out of a lack of resources and the nature of how coaching is done in a remote-first world. Without your manager there to listen-live on your call and course correct you, it's hard to remember to apply lessons/feedback into your future cold calls. That's where we believe AI coaching comes to help - it provides an innovative way to give this support in a real-time / scalable way.

The promise of real-time sales coaching

But what exactly is real-time AI sales coaching? Essentially, it involves using artificial intelligence (AI) to provide feedback, guidance, and support to SDRs as they work through their sales process. The key is to use AI to provide support when it's needed, rather than waiting until the end of a sales cycle to provide feedback or direction.

There are several benefits to real-time AI sales coaching for SDRs. First and foremost, it helps you improve your skills and techniques. By providing feedback and guidance as you work through your sales process, AI sales coaches can help you identify areas for improvement and offer suggestions on how to overcome any challenges you may be facing. This can lead to increased sales productivity and better results overall.

Real-time AI sales coaching also helps to boost morale and motivation among SDRs - the AI can show SDRs when and where they are improving. This feeling of progress can keep you motivated in what is often-times a job of "hearing no's".

In summary

In short, real-time AI sales coaching is an innovative and effective way to support and develop SDRs. By using AI to provide ongoing feedback and guidance, sales managers and coaches can help you improve your skills and techniques, boost morale and motivation, and build trust and open lines of communication. This can lead to better sales results and a more positive company culture overall. Don't hesitate to ask your manager or coach about incorporating real-time AI sales coaching into your development plan – it could make a big difference in your success as an SDR.

Real-time AI sales coaching: the future of support for SDRs
Ajinkya Nene
Co-founder at Trellus

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