AI Call Coaching for Selling Solar

Taking Call Coaching to the Next Level

The solar industry is rapidly growing, and it's crucial for sales teams to effectively communicate the benefits of going solar to all prospects and leads. Whether it's commercial or residential, agents need to be equipped with the skills to handle objections and pivot in conversations. Traditionally, call coaching has been a reactive process, leaving agents to rely on their own thinking in critical moments. But now, AI call coaching is changing the game, providing proactive support for sales teams.

Pairing Reactive and Proactive Coaching

In traditional call coaching sessions, managers will sit down with their broader team or 1:1 and discuss a handful of calls where the agents experienced challenges in booking an appointment or closing a deal. Managers then provide the necessary coaching to have the agents be ready for the next time they encounter this situation. Reactive coaching is a great way to inform your team how to get better on their next conversations, but what if they can't remember the coaching? That's where adding a proactive solutions makes a difference.

The typically cold call goes like this: agents make cold calls and attempt to pitch their solar offerings. However, when faced with objections or tense situations, they struggle to come up with effective responses either because they weren't ready or because they don't remember their training. This leads to lost conversations and missed opportunities. By adding a proactive, in the moment, call coaching system agents will be able to pivot effectively when stumped by these situations.

What is AI Call Coaching and how is it Proactive?

AI call coaching is a revolutionary system that allows managers to proactively coach their agents against common objections and scenarios. With AI technology, managers can train the system to prompt agents with the right language and tactics to use in real-time. The AI will listen in to live conversations and once a situation occurs where the agent needs to pivot, the AI will prompt them, on screen, with the correct information. Imagine the number of conversations your agents can save when armed with the right tools and guidance.

AI call coaching empowers agents to handle objections and pivot effectively, increasing the likelihood of booking an appointment, closing a deal, or simply overturning an objection. With AI assistance, agents can navigate challenging situations confidently, knowing they have the support and guidance they need. Pairing proactive call coaching with reactive coaching sessions boosts the team's best practice adherence and provides them with a constant flow of education even when managers are not around.

Trellus – Your AI Call Coaching Partner

At Trellus, we understand the importance of maximizing conversions and equipping your sales team with the right tools. Our real-time AI-powered call coach is designed to help solar businesses thrive. With Trellus, you will be able to work with our team to customize and train the AI for your specific business and conversations. The way it works is your agents will download our Chrome Extension and layer it on top of their dialer. Once activated they will begin to recieve behavioral and conversational suggestions for the scenarios you want to track. Try Trellus today and unlock the potential of AI to revolutionize your solar sales team.

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AI Call Coaching for Selling Solar
Dom Odoguardi
Head of GTM

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