How does real-time sales AI coaching work?

Real-time sales AI coaching is a cutting-edge technology that allows sales professionals to receive instant feedback and guidance as they interact with potential customers. This can be especially useful for salespeople who are just starting out or who are trying to improve their sales techniques.

What does real-time sales AI coaching provide?

The basics are simple. When an SDR is placing a call, the AI  listens in and analyzes the conversation in real-time. It looks for key words, phrases, and patterns of speech that are known to be effective in sales conversations. It also monitors the salesperson's tone, pace, and other nonverbal cues.

If the AI software detects any potential issues or areas for improvement, it will send a notification to the salesperson in the form of a visual alert. For example, the salesperson may receive a notification that says "you need to explain X value prop" or "you should ask more open-ended questions."

In some cases, the AI software may even provide the salesperson with suggested responses or action steps to take in order to better engage with the potential customer. For example, it might recommend that the salesperson ask a certain question or share a specific piece of information to build rapport with the customer.

Each of these actions is intended to increase the likelihood of a positive sales outcome! The AI should learn what suggestions reps are actually able to incorporate and only suggest those interventions.

How does the AI know what to coach on?

Two technologies are at the heart of this specific AI revolution - real-time transcription and natural language models. Real-time transcription allows the AI to actually understand what's happening in a conversation in real-time (it's impossible to coach folks on their language if you don't even know what is being said).

The next critical technology comes in the form of natural language models. These models allow the AI to contextualize and understand what the intent behind the reps and prospects words are. Using this understanding of intent, the AI is able to piece together the full narrative of the conversation and figure out which interventions may lead to a better outcome.

But how does the AI decide on these interventions. The answer lies in the large-scales of data. The more folks that join in on the Trellus network, the more sales scenarios Trellus learns. These scenarios help inform the system on what are the best interventions given the current state of the converstaion - e.g., what should be said in response to a 'not interested' objection or what speed you should talk to a New Yorker at.

The more data, the better the model, the more exemplary the coaching. And that's it - that's how the flywheel kicks off. We're just in the early innings right now but as more folks join the Trellus network everyday, we poise to be the true and unadulterated source of what it is the right decision to make in the moment during your call to lead to a booked meeting.

How does real-time sales AI coaching work?
Ajinkya Nene
Co-founder at Trellus

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