Commonly asked questions

How do you decide what coaching to show?

We use proprietary AI models that learn behaviors from top-performing sales reps and then surface those behaviors as coaching suggestions to our end users.

Can I edit my own suggestions?

Yes! Once you login to the platform, you can customize what sorts of suggestions you want to see and also add your own custom objection handlers.

Does this actually work?

We think so! Today’s coaching model of reviewing calls afterwards and providing coaching on an irregular cadence is broken. Trellus is here to fix that.

How can I get started?

Just download our chrome extension! Our coaching will automatically start showing up when you place calls in your dialer.

Which dialers do you support?

We support most major dialers including Outreach, Salesloft, Orum, Hubspot and are adding new integrations every day. Let us know if we’re missing your dialer!

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