Give your Cold Callers a Competitive Edge with Real-Time AI Coaching

Hey, sales leaders! In our fast-paced SaaS world, it's crucial to equip your SDRs and BDRs with the right tools. This blog will highlight how real-time AI cold call coaching can give your team the winning edge.

First up, let's address what’s on all our minds - lost opportunities. An alarming 72% of our SDRs and BDRs often cut calls short, stumbling over the next question or struggling to overturn objections.

For most sales organizations, this results in 10 opportunities per day lost to uncertainty in how to continue a conversation. Using a trained AI call assistant, reps will instantly receive suggestions on the best way to move forward, converting those awkward pauses into successful meetings.

Besides assisting your reps in having more efficient calls what else can you use AI coaching for? What about slashing the traditional 4-6 month RAMP time down? By giving your new hires a co-pilot on all their calls you’ll be enabling them to hit the phones earlier and help develop their sales skills faster.

Let’s talk about the benefits -

Quicker Skill Building: SDRs develop essential cold calling and communication skills faster with early interactions with prospects. They gain tangible experience that helps them hone their pitch, tackle objections, and fine-tune their listening skills.

Instant Feedback: Cold calls get better with practice. Early engagement with potential customers provides SDRs with precious opportunities to get feedback. By training an AI co-pilot to your coaching methods it can provide instant feedback to your SDRs and BDRs even when you’re not there.

Need-Based Training: By placing your reps on calls from the beginning, you'll find it easier to identify their individual training requirements. AI-powered reporting can help you pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses in real time and help customize an efficient training program.

Improved Team Spirit: It’s no surprise that early successes feed job satisfaction for SDRs. This leads to higher morale, higher retention, and a more enthusiastic sales team. 

How Trellus provides you with custom-built AI call coaching to increase SDR/BDR performance 

Trellus is an AI-powered cold call coach that enhances your SDRs and BDRs performance by providing real-time guidance on navigating various cold call scenarios.

Whether a competitor is mentioned, a prospect poses a technical query, or your reps are faced with the dreaded "I'm not interested" objection - Trellus is there to steer your reps out of the situation and toward securing a meeting.

Trellus operates by absorbing all your talk tracks, competitor analysis, and content messaging, and creates AI models to offer your reps real-time guidance on every call.

This enables you to monitor the efficacy of all your SDRs and BDRs during every call interaction without having to dig through your call logs. Trellis also enables you to seamlessly duplicate the strategies of your top performers across the entire team at scale.

So, move past the traditional approach. Embrace AI cold call coaching, and watch your SDRs and BDRs shine, giving your sales team the winning edge!

Grab a time for a tailored look here!

Give your Cold Callers a Competitive Edge with Real-Time AI Coaching
Dom Odoguardi
Head of GTM

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