Introducing Trellus AI

Trellus AI —Your AI Powered Sales Assistant.

Sales is crucial for any business as it helps generate revenue and drive growth. A strong sales team can help a company identify new opportunities and reach new customers, while also building relationships with existing ones. Effective sales strategies and techniques can also help a business differentiate itself from competitors and increase brand awareness.

However, being a good sales rep is quite challenging. Sales requires a combination of skills and traits such as strong communication, persuasion, relationship-building, and the ability to handle rejection. Additionally, sales reps must constantly stay up-to-date on new products and services in the market while also understanding their prospects’ needs.

This is where Trellus AI comes into play.

What is Trellus AI

Trellus AI is your ultimate, real-time sales assistant, built to provide you with personalized sales coaching tips on each and every sales call.

Trellus AI can improve sales by providing sales representatives with valuable insights and automation capabilities that can enhance their productivity and performance. Here are a few ways that sales reps can improve their work through Trellus:

  • Trellus provides real-time performance tracking analytics, allowing reps and managers to monitor speech levels. Sales reps now have a way of finding out when they are speaking too slowly, too fast, softly or loudly and even if they need to stop, or ask more questions during the call.‍
  • After every call, Trellus provides the sales rep with a detailed summary about what was discussed and how they can improve on the next call. This means that Trellus transcribes everything from the start so the sales rep doesn’t have to.
  • Based on the information fed to Trellus about the potential client, the extension also releases detailed information about the prospect, what their company does, what products they have, and their news coverage.

One feature that stands out however, is Trellus’ “Live Guidance” tool which arranges suggested responses for the sales rep to discuss about while on the call. For example, a sales rep has discussed everything with their lead besides offering them the pricing models. Trellus AI acknowledges this and immediately offers a suggested response, fitting for the conversation.

This indicates that the AI models generated by Trellus are actively working and gathering live information on every call so that the tool can give the sales rep live feedback on how their sales call is going. Here’s an example:

👉 Alex is a sales representative for a tech company. He is on a call with a potential customer, using Trellus AI’s real-time sales coaching tool to receive feedback on his performance during the call. Alex is trying to close a deal for a new software solution, but the customer is hesitant to make a decision. Trellus alerts Alex by telling him that he needs to improve his approach and effectively highlight the key features of the software while also suggesting that he emphasizes on how the software can help the customer increase productivity for their business. Alex takes the feedback and starts emphasizing the key features and benefits of the software with the customer's business model. The customer is impressed and agrees to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss the implementation of the software. Alex (thanks Trellus for its help) continues the call with an improved approach.

Unlike asynchronous AI coaching tips, Trellus AI delves a step further into the ML space and produces more technical AI models that can provide immediate feedback and insights, allowing for more efficient and effective decision-making. Asynchronous models, on the other hand, may take longer to process information and provide feedback, leading to delays in action. Real-time models also allow for more dynamic and interactive communication, such as in a sales call, where quick adjustments can make a big difference in closing a deal. Additionally, real-time AI models can process data in real-time and make predictions, recommendations or decisions based on the current context which can be more accurate than asynchronous models.

Where can you get Trellus?

Trellus AI uses proprietary AI models that constantly learn behaviors, techniques, and forms of speaking from top-performing sales reps. It then utilizes all that data to produce top-tier coaching suggestions for our customers whenever they are on a sales call. Trellus is currently a Chrome Extension! All you have to do is download the extension here and Trellus’ coaching process will automatically takeoff when you place a call through your dialer.

✅ We are integrable with major dialers in the industry including Salesloft, Hubspot, Outreach and many more. Contact us if we’re missing you’re dialer.

Introducing Trellus AI
Omair Khan

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