Race against your teammates with Trellus leaderboards

Get Ready to Race to the Top with Trellus leaderboards!

We've got an exciting new feature that will take your sales game to a whole new level. After countless brainstorming sessions and valuable input from our top users, we are thrilled to introduce Trellus leaderboards – the gamified AI call coach you've been waiting for!

Now your reps can compete with their colleagues from around the globe to compete and see who can smash their KPIs first. With Trellus leaderboards, every day brings on a new challenge to see who will reach their goals first.

As they make calls throughout the day, they’ll be leveling up in various challenge rooms competing for most for dials and talk time. The challenge rooms are al follows: 

The Warm Up ( <25 dials)

The Grind (<75 dials)

The Sprint (<100 dials) 

The Legend (<150 dials)

The Royals (200+ dials) 

Each level will present it's own challenges and will be highlighted in various skins ranging from swords, crowns, and diamonds. Each day the leaderboard gets reset and you enter a new competition.

Once you log into Trellus today you will see a brand new button on your chrome extension prompting you to join the leaderboard. You can decide to opt out or join in on the fun. You also have the ability to create your own rooms and add friends across organizations to compete together.

So why leaderboards? Well, we've all experienced how demanding and sometimes monotonous the daily grind of being an SDR can be and it’s not an easy task to incentives your reps to stay consistent with their metrics.

But with leaderboards, you’ll be injecting a fun and competitive spirit into your team’s workflow each and every day. If you look at it, at the end of the day sales is just a big friendly competition. 

So are you ready to take on the challenge and race to the top?

Try out Trellus for free here OR grab a time for a tailored look here.

Race against your teammates with Trellus leaderboards
Craig Bonnoit
Co-founder at Trellus

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